Sunday Buddhist Service

Our Sunday Buddhism Service starts in the evening at 4pm. It is held in the patio room at the UUC Complex just left of the pond. Our service includes Sutra Recitation, Dharma Talk, Hoza (Circle of Compassion), and Social Time.

Thursday Buddhism Studies starts at 7pm.

Buddhism Studies meets in the library at UUC at 7pm on Thursday evenings. This is a course study on the Lotus Sutra. Beginners and newcomers are welcome! Lonni facilitates this course and all members and visitors are encouraged to attend this special weekly study gathering. We discuss the meanings and significance of the teachings found in the Lotus Sutra. The books used for the course can be purchased at the Buddhist Center. Required books include the Kyoten, The Threefold Lotus Sutra, and Buddhism for Today. We look forward to having you join us for this great opportunity to learn more about the Kyoten and the Lotus Sutra!